How I Developed a Realtionship of Adventure With My Son 

Every parent bounds with there children differently. Most women have bond with children before they are even born. As they get older and life changes, bonds become different. My oldest son and I are both adventurers. That is our bond! I promised him that for his 17th Birthday we would go skydiving. That’s a tall order to fill, some of you might be thinking, but not for us. When Avery was younger I found a surfing camp for him, and it was a challenge for him to make the decision to actually GO. I realized this was a challenge for him so we talked about it. This was the opening to the gate of adventure. I introduced him to new things, places and the unknown. Now everything he tackles he masters. From being a black belt in Tae Kwon Do to doing flips on his snowboard.
The Skydiving adventure started when we went to visit University in Colorado. I called the skydiving facility and they said come on over! We rushed over there no time to think, we went for it! We got so excited filling out our paper work….we looked at each other and said we are doing it!

They loaded us in an open wagon around the airport and we were bumping around the back on this dirt road. The noise was so loud from the rattling of the wagon we couldn’t speak to each other, we could only watch the planes take off and land and see jumpers landing out of the sky. There was so much going on in our minds.
We each had an instructor that we were going to jump with, they instructed us all we needed to know to make us feel comfortable and our adrineline began rushing! The next thing we knew we were on the plane. There were 2 long benches that we straddled on and we backed up into our instructor and got strapped in. In that moment I thought to myself, how did someone come up with the idea of jumping out of a plane, higher than a bird can fly. When we hit 12,000 feet it was the ‘point of no return’. My jumper buddy put my my goggles over my eyes, and my adrenilne rushed. My son jumped first and I was the second to jump in a plane filled of 12 people.

I had to remind myself and Avery that the other side of fear was complete freedom and that was our mission. We scooted up on the bench, I put my feet on the edge of the door to the plane held onto my straps and off I went flying into the sky. I thought I was going to feel that uneasy feeling of butterflies tickling your stomach, but instead the speed was so fast and the air was so powerful you felt like it was holding you up. Free fall seemed to last an eternity although it was only a fleeting 2-3 min of complete FREEDOM!

It was such a rush falling at 150MPH and you didn’t even feel like you were moving that fast. We spun around and launched the parachute, I looked at the mountains and we seemed higher than the Rockies! The feeling of only seeing your feet dangling in mid air and the microscopic world below that got bigger and bigger it was amazing experiencing a view you only see from an air plane and there we were soaring in the sky like birds, a view most will only ever experience in the movies. We were completely FREE! The rush was something so intense I almost can’t explain it, but I think it’s something everyone needs to experience. The best part was creating such bounding memory with my son.

See the entire Skydiving Video 

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